Primroses – the promise of spring

//Primroses – the promise of spring

Primroses – the promise of spring

With grey, rainy days this winter, we’ve been really cheered by the flowers on primroses and polyanthus. They are such a welcome splash of colour and, if the weather is mild, will keep producing a few blooms from November to February. Then, the arrival of spring in March sees them really start to perform and, if deadheaded, they’ll go on blooming into May.

Here at Farley Hill Place Gardens we grow ours from seed, sown in July, and nurtured into young plants that go out in pots and in the ground by mid to late September while the ground is still warm. The seed is very fine but they are not difficult to get to germinate.

After flowering, the plants can be lifted and planted out in less prominent parts of the garden – around the edges of the veg plot would be a good place – where they can clump up and then be divided for replanting next autumn. They’re such great plants and give so much hope in the depths of winter.

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